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NH Sticks and Stones Rebrand

This was our biggest project by far, as there were a lot of moving parts and so many exciting ideas tossed around to get this to be as perfect as possible. Our clients were amazing to work with and I'm glad they have continuing projects for us to be involved in their company. NH Sticks and Stones is a masonry company located in Barnstead, NH. In business for 10+ years, they are making their mark on New England with their beautiful stonework, and needed a brand that was bold and strong enough to present that to potential new clients.

For the logo, the horse represents how stone was pulled back in the day, by horse-pulled carriages.

With a fierce look and a bold touch of black and gold, this logo became extremely prominent and relatable for these stone veneers.

Following the black and gold color palette through out their branding, these elements started to tie together very well, and people were noticing the change.

To announce the new look, Bucket Mouth Designs created a logo reveal animation for social media, as people have been drawn to video on all social channels, and with it being reposted so many times, the video was able to capture a lot of attention, and more followers for NH Sticks and Stones. It is front and center on their website's homepage

The website was the last asset to get their whole brand on to the new theme, and it was the biggest change they could've made. With over 10 hours put into it, the website was such a fun part of this rebrand. All the elements from the other assets are included throughout the site and it is now a frequently visited place where people can contact NH Sticks and Stones!


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